Zachariah is the 275 year old elder in the vampire clan. He appears 38 years old. He looks a lot like CHRISTIAN BALE. Fortunately, he is OPEN.

BIRTHDAY: July 16, 1739
OCCUPATION: (Up to player)

► Personality 
  Courageous, Encouraging, Paternal
Impatient, Shielding, Judgmental

► The Past

Zachariah Carswell, is more commonly known today as Zachary. His parents were fishing merchants living in Colonial Boston. Each morning he spent on his father’s boat to be followed by selling their catch in the shop that afternoon. When Zachariah was twenty years of age, he married and had five children together; four boys and one spoiled little girl. A month or two shy of his thirty-sixth birthday; his house was attacked by British thieves. His family was killed and his house burned to the ground. Zach was at a loss of what to do, which lead him into contact with a mysterious woman. The only thing she could do, however, was make him a vampire like her. With the new skills and strengths of his afterlife, Zach formed an army of vampires to fight and assist the colonists in the Revolutionary War.

Over time a new vampire coven moved from Europe. Zach met Sophia Batori, the coven’s leader and the spitting image of his daughter, Thea. They developed a close relationship as Zachariah assisted Sophia in governing over the combined vampire covens. He supported her move to Chicago and the establishment of the Court of Miracles. They lived a relatively good life until 1949, when Sophia met Gabriel Cole. He wishes he saw the signs earlier; he may have been able to protect and stop Sophia from ruining her life with him. After she was caught and revealed to the Court of Miracles, it was Zachariah who managed to get her life spared. He sent months convincing her to get over Gabriel, even going as far as locking her in her house and punishing her like a prisoner. Eventually he got through, but to an extent he was not expecting. Sophia grew dark and cold; something other coven members claim was present before they came to the colonies. Zachariah hated what he had done. He blames himself for her cruel and twisted demeanor, not realizing he woke up the pain she locked up centuries ago.

 ► The Present

Today Zachariah is still held in Sophia’s high regards, but they can still be distant. She does not come to him nearly as often as she did in the past, and it worries him. He only wants her to succeed and stay out of trouble, but he is uncertain of how likely that is to happen.

The Connections
▬ ▬ ▬
√ Sophia Batori — Daughter figure
↔ Samuel Lugh — Council Leader - Neutral
✘Gabriel Cole — Fellow Coven Member | Enemy
↔ Ruby Pierce — Fellow Coven Member and mentee
↔ Dante Wickes — Fellow Coven Member
↔ Sadie Taylor — Fellow Coven Member

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