Leopold is the 166 year old Jinn in the demon clan. He appears 26 years old. He looks a lot like BRUNO MARS. Fortunately, he is OPEN.

BIRTHDAY: November 21, 1848
OCCUPATION: (Up To Player)

► Personality 
 Vivacious, Kindhearted, Protective
Frugal, Uneasy, Soft

► The Past

Leopold Karim was born in 1848 to a Jinn mother living in New York City. His mother was running from a contract she could no longer bear. She gave the young boy up and forced him into a contract without any warning. Leo was given to a tradesman and entrepreneur. This business man was young and naive, just trying to start out his business in the textiles industry. Young Leopold hated to see the man so upset, so he decided to help. With the use of his powers, he received his wish of success. People wanted his textiles over the competitors, and the money began flowing in. He was soon able to buy machines and factories as well as employ people to work in them. Leo stayed out of the business but he never realized that over time, his views would change.

The business man he worked for was not the kindhearted man Leopold once believed. He mistreated his employees and sent out goods contaminated with illnesses. Leo felt horrible for the humans affected by him. They wished to be free, and he would give them just that. Instead of using his powers to bring misfortune to the businessman, he let his rage influence his choices. Leopold killed him with his own hands, but was discovered the two seconds after the murder and notified the police. Leo was back on the run, hiding underground in New York. He quickly heard of a city called the Court of Miracles and the protection he could receive there. He put all of his energy to travel to Chicago and begged for the demon leader, Garrett Volkov, to allow him to stay. After his residency was approved, Leo tried his best to remain in hiding, believing the police were still on his tail.

► The Present

 Now over a hundred years later Leo is venturing out, trying to take advantage of life now that he is physically free. He spends most of his time with Lilian Phang, another demon who ran from her contract. He goes from job to job, never seeming to feel as though he fits into any group. For the most part Leopold is living a laid back and easy life, trying not to stress too much over his past. 

The Connections
▬ ▬ ▬
↔ Garrett Volkov — Clan Leader 
↔ Lilian Phang — Close Friend and Fellow Clan Member
↔ Dimitri Asher — Fellow Clan Member
↔ Elizabeth Cade — Fellow Clan Member 
↔ Roxanne Cade — Fellow Clan Member
↔ Lucia Colbert — Clan Associate
↔ Charlie Pender — Friend
↔ Seth Forester — Friend


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